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RomaEuropa Festival 2015 In Rome

RomaEuropa Festival is an annual event since 1985 that brings together a fascinating selection of world class events from the world of performing arts. RomaEuropa Festival 2015 is the 30th edition and will host 300 artists, 50 dates, 14 spaces, 13 meetings, 12 operas and 4 performances between the 23rd September and the 8th December. Although the focus is mainly on classical music, the festival is famous for the diversity of its various performers. The concerts and shows take place all over the Italian capital in some of Rome’s most prestigious and famous venues. Several of the events are also free, so please check out the official website above for more details of what is going on.

Date(s): 23.09.15 – 08.12.15. Opening times: various. Entrance: various. Venue: several throughout Rome, Italy.

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